LF Purple rarity Tediore shotgun MIRV, homing, shock, fire cutsman and a vindicator ghast call

Hello, I’m looking for a purple rarity Tediore shotgun mirv, homing and shock el. for my build, can be anointed too.
Looking after a fire cutsman and a vindicator ghast call too.
I have a shock element Hex, non element lyudas and some of them are anointed. Anointed hellwalkers, monocles, class mods and more.
If you are interested please contact me with your PSN.

i got fire/shock/corrosive cutsman with 100 dmg ase, do u have Projectile Recursion with dmg ase?

I have tediore mirv shock shotgun annointed 125 splash damage. U have cutpurse loaded dice or Ele projector loaded dice with health regen?

Sorry for the late response, I don’t have one, anything else you might want?

I have a Vindicator. Would you have a Potent Quickie or Double Penetrating Alchemist? Preferably anointed.

i have a double penetrating alche for you

Is is anointed, though?


Hmm, what Hellwalkers do you have?

a normal and an anointed one, with damage reduction on terror

A terror Hellwalker could be useful, but before I decide, mind to give a short list of what else you’re willing to offer?

I have 3 anointed hellwalkers if you are interested.
One with 75% damage and chance increase ase, one with accuracy and handling inc. while sliding and one terror with a cryo nova. I have anointed fearmongers, anointed conference call with bonus fire damage, anointed flakkers, anointed infinity and more.

LF : (anointed only) maggie, queen’s call cryo, monocle, lucian’s call cryo, rowan’s call shock and fire, stop-gap, re-router, hex, stormfront

sorry, this is my LF list
look first if you have something that may interest me

Can you show me a screenshot of the 75%? That one doesn’t ring a bell.

I can get you a shock Rowan’s call not anointed tho so um I dunno, I can give you w monocle, with a terror for regen if you want?

Hey I have a vindicator ghast call I can trade my psn is OrbitOnyx

One sec…

sorry that it isn’t an actual screen shot

I have an extra fire cutsman what rakk annoit Ed weapons do u have

What are you trading it for?