LF Q System with Zane Anoint

LF Atlas Q-System with Zane Anoint - 50% Cryo while SNTL is active or 130% damage after digiclone swap. Preferably with a low zoom.

Let me know what you are looking for and I am sure we can make a deal

EDIT: Earl and world drops took care of this one for me.

x6 dictators fire/corrosive/ shock
band of sitorak
dastardly lucky 7 sntnl

Unfortunately, I have none of those. I do have a SNTL maggie, and a x3 kinetic dictator, but thats about it that meets what you are looking for

Do me a favor please, list some of your best gear. I can’t guarantee you will have something I want but maybe we can figure something out

No need, world drops and earl beat you to the punch this time.


wait wait wait That maggie! with sntl annointment! do you still have it?

I have a Q system with 130% after digi clone swap but its lvl 49. Ill post a picture

I do indeed. Not interested in that particular Q-system, I need low zoom. I am happy to hook you up, but may not be able to send it your way until tomorrow.

Do you have any other anointed atlas guns? (100% ASE, or Zane Specific are cool)
I am on the lookout for a better Seein Dead com too, if you have any spares

If you don’t have any, no worries, I can send you the maggie anyways

Jesus your a lifesaver. Sorry about the Q -system didint know u were looking for a specific zoom lol.

My Psn is deathshot1234

No worries, man. I like kicking down gear, farming can be a PITA after a while

Just sent you the FR and have the maggie on me when you are ready for it. Right in time for the buff to the SNTL anoint :wink:

Oh my lord that Buff is amazing. im online now i accepted ur request.