Lf Quasar Grenade w/ Homing

I have lots of stuff to trade

I have homing quasar – looking for Bloodletter with grenade damage.

i have a bloodletter with torgue damage

Sorry. looking for grenade or incendiary damage on Bloodletter.

i have sticky homing quasar, do you have one of these:

  • Cryo lucians call (annointed to zane) or fire lucians call( with bonus cryo damage annointment).
  • ice breaker victory rush relic with +mag size.
  • Rough rider shield with sntnl active %15 movespeed annointment to zane.
  • Zane executor class mod with ( %25 weapon damage, %31 assault rifle damage, %24 mag size)
  • Radiation Rowans call with ( bonus rad. damage while gamma burst active)

I have a homing quasar, looking for a deathless relic, any variety is pretty much fine

i have an elemental projector deathless

Ill trade you one for a low level sellout pistol or a molten lyuda

I have a sticky quasar with homing. Would trade for a knife drain white elephant or knife drain commander planetoid

If you want the homing quasar, atomic, I’d definitely take the elemental projector deathless

my GT is Tuckeren48 if you’re interested, just add me and ill be available as soon as i can

I have both a homing and a sticky homing btw