[LF] Quasar or Stormfront grenade with +damage/fire rate terror anoint

If you have either of these grenades let me know what you are looking for…
Very interested in picking one up.

I have a quasar with terror annoint, do you have any snowdrift deathless/otto idols?


Is this what you’re looking for? Not really familiar with the Terror gear yet…

I’d be interested in picking that up.
What are you looking for?

Looking for a Brainstormer anointed with cryo mags, but if you don’t have that do you have other anointed nades? LF a cryo one.

sadly i have neither atm.
dont worry about it.
i kinda want that nade just so i can swap gear around, but i have what i need atm.

Gotcha. Ty for the time

Yeah… Sorry I cant help.