LF queens/Kings call with SNTNL 100% cryo

Let me know what you’re after and I’ll check to see if I have it.

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I have fire and Cryo lf a good antifreeze mod and lumps with SNTNL

I appreciate the response! I don’t think I have either of those. I’m sorry about that.

Would you happen to have a breath of the dying rakk attack anointed?

I can definitely check and I’ll let you know.

appreciate that

I got the breath, do you have any Moze gear and if not list some of the good gear that you do have. I’m sure we can work something out if you still need this

I’ve got some decent blood letters. I’ve got a fire alchemist with next 2 mags with 125 incindiary damage. I have a scourge with 100 ASE. A x2 ion cannon with 125 splash ASE. I have a lvl 1 stop gap. A vindicator ghast call. Good blast masters. I’ve got a couple anointed recurring trackers. A kybs worth with 125 ASE splash.

A rad flakker with 125 splash ASE. An iron bear anointed transformer. A corrosive hive with 160 splash damage anoint.

Is your Kyb’s Moze anointed?

Yes it’s anojnted with 125 splash ASE. It’s fire and cryo

I’m sorry but just so I’m sure, anointed gunner? Sorry to be so precise but I already have one general anointed but if its anointed gunner we definitely have a deal

No worries. No it’s just general anointed ASE anointment. Not specific to moze.

Then let me get the level 1 stop gap please

I also have a fire craps with 125 splash ASE

Of course. What’s your PSN and I’ll send it over. Thanks!

Do you have a shock kings call?

my psn is Ice-T411

It has been sent.

I didnt even know King/Queen Calls came in cryo! And the thought of that with a good annoitments blows my mind. I would be eternally grateful if a donation to my Zane was made. And would return the favor if there is any specific loot youre looking for
My PSN is GoreillafaceOG