LF: Quickie Launcher

Ok Earls vending machine is being a stingy MF’er. Does anyone have a x2 Quickie thats anointed for Gunner they are willing to part with?

Got plenty to offer. Look forward to hearing back!!

Got a x2 with 125% Splash damage after exiting Iron Bear.

Looking For:

Kybs worth with fire and Corrosive and 100% on ASE

I have a fire and corrosive. Let me check what the anoint is on it.

Whats your PSN?

Its 125% splash damage on ASE

Do you have a stop gap with Kryo or fire on ASE ?

Just checked and I do not unfortunately? Anything else for the quickie?

I have a target stop gap with 50% incendiary dmg on ASE.

I will add you tomorrow mate I will help you out no worries.

Looking for something to trade mate ?

OK my PSN is buckshotzero

Looking for potent quickie x2 with splash dmg or the everblasts with splash dmg after exiting iron bear.

I will check what I can do for you tomorrow.


What’s your PSN ?

Sent you a message.