LF Quickie rocket launcher

I’ve got lots to trade, let me know what you’d like and we can work something out. Thanks!

I have Shrinking potent quickie anoited for flak. While gamma burst is active, gain 65% bonus rad damage.

4158x2 dmg.

Edit just got a non anoited as well.
Looking for this stuff

anoited redundant brainstormer, anoited lucians calls in corrosive/fire and Icebreaker /SnowDrift Otto idol

Alright, I may have the Lucian’s Calls and/or Snowdrifts. I’ll check when I get home.

Ok if not just let me know some stuff you do have and we will work something out.

Sounds good. Do you happen to have a pic of the non-anointed quickie?

Not ATM but I will send one as soon as I’m able.

Here’s the Snowdrift relic I’ve got

Thanks! I’m looking for one with a little better rolls than that. I’d be glad to send you the quickie anyway once I get around 8:30pm est

Is there anything else you’re looking for?

DP Gratifying Laser Sploder with 1.5zoom in corrosive. Other than that just the other stuff I listed on the earlier post

Alright. I’ll have to keep an eye out then.

Check your mail!