LF R4k P4kk class mod various rolls

LF R4kk P4kk class mod various rolls [H] stop gap (on skill active) / transformer/ other fl4k/moze mods/ groll see’in dead/ and more

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I have a level 60 m10 rakk pakk with 33% splash damage, 12% tediore damage and 12% cov damage

Works for me what would you like in return

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A good seein dead would be awesome buddy

I got an awesome seein dead +5 donny
Weap dmg weap crit mag size lvl 57 tho. You are on my friends list ill hit you up when on later

Sounds good I’ll send over the rakk pakk now :slight_smile: what’s your gt again?

Thanks man ill be on in a few hours, gt is chef boy jp#1164

No rush buddy thanks

Sent buddy

Sent, enjoy :slight_smile:

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I do have a Stop Gap ASS trigger shield effect and a Mitosis Hunter seeker ASE 50% incendiary. Do you have a level 60 Transformer ASE AS CD by 20%? If not, we will find somethings to trade. Thanks GT = Tom dot66

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