LF R4KK P4K class mod. Willing to trade

(Would prefer it to not have head count ability but don’t mind). Let me know what your after and I can check if I have it.

I have some extra r4kk p4ck I wont be home for about 4 hours though

What would you like in return?

I’m looking for an incendiary rowans call with the consecutive hit anointment on it, however apparently that is the rarest item in all the land, what have you got

I have an electric row and call with +300% damage after phaseslam and electric Rowan call enemies damaged by rank attack take 100% increased damage

Anything else you would like?

Rowans call not row and call (auto correct)

If you send me a friend request on psn: frogletspuds.
You may need to wait about 12 hours because it is currently 2:30AM (uk).

No problem still not home yet, I’ll send the request once I am though, I wont be home most of the day tomorrow but add me and I’ll send the mod

I’ve sent you both of the rowans calls

Oh thank you, I’m spending pretty much the whole day with family for the holidays, as soon as I’m home I’ll send the mod

Thank you

Sent the mod, unfortunately every one I have has the head count skill

Thank you

You’re welcome, hope it helps