LF : R4KK P4K Class mod

Anybody happen to have one for trade by chance? Either with + assault rifle damage or Smg damage

Have a bank for of stuff to trade, fire a list over of what your looking for and I’d be happy to take a look. Thanks everyone!

I have one with weapon dam, jacobs crit and jacob weapon dam
Or one with fire rate, wpn dam, and shield charge delay

What might ya be after for trade boss?, either one of those would be fantastic, not much luck at all getting them to drop for me. Figured id give it a shot on here.

Looking for a redistributor (with stnl anoit)
seeing dead class mod
blood letter class mod without thin red line perk
Maybe eletric banjo

How Rowdy Unsporting Seein’ Dead class mod
+18% weapon Crit Damage
+27% grenade Radius
+30% grenade damage

If not, I’ll keep looking for ya.

Feel free to add psn


Yeah man that’ll work

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I’ll send that your way!

Copy that mate. Just doing a main mission. Will grab it out of the bank and send it over very shortly :slight_smile:

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Thanks again! Much appreciated!

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Sent brother

Awesome man! Much appreciated! Thank you!

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