LF: R4kk P4k classmod for Fl4k

Been farming tinks for days on end. Willing to trade a number of legendary items from mayhem 4, Wotan and world drops with anointments.

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i have one

here’s my LF list :

queen’s call 50% fire ase
lucian 50% fire ase
monocle 50% cryo ase
re router 50% cryo and fire ase
hex cryo 50% fire and cryo ase

i really need an hex so, if he have it that’s all good

I have a Cryo Cloning Hex with 50% fire ase. Hit me up.

PSN: Renovatio_Zero

i forgot to mention : “recurring” hex only

Ah, do not have that variant. Apologies.

hm, i’m still interest by your cloning hex
do you want to trade it for a cloning rad with the same anointed bonus ?
or i can give you some stuff of your choice

so ?

Gearbox think that duping is cheating. It’s not welcome on this forum. Please read the forum rules before posting again. Thanks.