LF: R4KK P4K for my FL4K

Looking for one with more leaning towards Head Count skill and less Pack Tactics.

I do have Class Mods, Artifacts, Grenades, Shields, and weapons I can trade.

But please be reasonable. I cannot farm for perfect dream gear you need. rng isn’t that kind enough to me (or many people knowing dedicated loot and not-good-annointeds is tough to get)

Bump. I still looking for this and would love to have one. In the meantime I’ll try to do cunning on M4

I have something you may like if you like Jacobs…

What’s that? The rolls mostly for Jakobs?

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I have 2 that might be what you are looking for.

I like the first image with Jakobs rolls. I do have someone trade me a class mod today but I wouldn’t mind this with Jakobs. I have a feeling I might not have something to trade like legendaries with specific annointeds or specific CM/Artifacts rolls (just started to do Graveward M4)