[LF] R4kk P4k [H] A lot (spreadsheet)

As the title says, looking for a R4kk P4k. Preferably it would have 2 Grim Harvest, 3 Pack tactics and some sort of weapon damage/mag size/cool down on it. I am also looking for:

  • infiltrator com (zane) no points in like a ghost, with weapon damage/mag passives
  • cold warrior com (zane) preferably only points in synchronocity, with weapon damage/mag passives
  • elemental projector otto idol with mag size, action skill cd, some sort of damage
  • thrillbot (purple) big game & hidden machine, with melee passive
  • (good anointed) shredda (any element)
  • Snow drift deathless with damage/mag size passives
  • Gamma burst shrieking banshee
  • Snowdrift victory rush with damage/mag/cd passives
  • New Zane com with damage/mag/cd passives

Here is my list: (don’t be afraid to ask for something that isn’t on there as I might still have it)

PM’d ya

I’m sorry man, I can’t see your message anywhere

You mean me? or newfess?