LF R4kk P4k, Kaoson/sandhawk/monarch/ with Rak/gamma anointms or elemental

I have a bunch of stuff to trade. Looking for Rakk anointments, ASE 100 anointments, gamma anointments on monarch/koason/mandhawk. Also looking for a fire kaoson with a good anointment. Or really any good anointments. People must be having a much easier time farming them than I do… Message me with what your looking for.

Novicelamp70559 xbox GT

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I have a gamma burst radiation sandhawk. Looking for opq system 8000+ x2 300/90,maybe a redistributior or a decent plaugebearer, if not I’ll still trade for something decent.
Also dedicated drop rates seem slightly better on tvhm

I don’t have an OPQ 300/90. I have a few OPQs. Some Yellowcakes. Lots of pewpews. My bank is full but no opq 300/90.

Check your inbox…

Check your inbox…

I have a + 'nade/+ health/cool down Rakk Pakk… Or a Mali Acc/grenade dam/Dahl damage…
You pick.

Edit---- just got a weap dam/sniper dam/shield recharge

I see you sent some cool stuff! Is there anything your looking for? Good chance I don’t have it but maybe!

I don’t use Maliwan much. Usually I look for cool down or weapon damage on my mods. I have done the trial of cunning run a bunch. Can’t get the mod to drop. Where did you get them?

The Takedown, have some good Drivers, the Rakk Pakks, couple decent Raging Bears. No Antifreeze mod that stands out just yet though. Pounding the takedown now while they are dropping before they fix the weapon drops because I’m sure that will make the mods disappear.

I’ll send the weapon/sniper dam and the cooldown over when I get home…should have it before 18:00 EST

Edit---- I’m all set but thank you, I’m a farming whore. My slogan is ‘if I don’t have it today, I’ll have it tomorrow’

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I can’t make it more than into the compound on the takedown. Maybe I will try soon again. It has been a bit since I tried.

Yeah, not sure if Mayhem 4+ is required for the Class Mods or not…I can test tonight.

They are fixing the weapons today…that test just went out the window. You guys looking for some Kyb’s/Redistributors?

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I’m looking for some,buddy

Anything besides the usual splash?

Pretty much buddy :slight_smile:

Up for grabs.

I am not sure I have seen this weapon before.

I’ll send it over. It has a chance to drop a mini meteor on your target.

Also looking for fire kaoson 300/90 or good anointment. Message me if you have one to trade.