LF R4KK P4KK & 100% damage after Rakk attack Maggie

Hey guys I’m looking for a rakk pakk class mod and an anointed Maggie with 100% damage after rakk attack, I have lucian’s, rowan’s, king&queen’s calls and other stuff if you want
Thanks :blush:
GT: Matt pps

I have both, do you have and cutsman, dictators or lucoans calls with 100% damage on ASE

Hey super kami i have some anointed cutsman
fire with 100% ase
fire with 50% corrosive ase

You got some more rakk pack mods

also all this stuff

I have a Rakk Pak mod with 41% jakobs crit 18 damage reduction and 31% sniper damage

Also have transformer with 50% cryo, a mirv shock hex with 50% fire, and a fire lyuda with 100% ase

Forgot to tag you

i also have regular old corrosive cutsman