Lf r4kk p4kk for trading

Hey. Anybody having r4kk p4kk mode for trading?
My ps4 id: magnemental

Got any good amara gear to trade?

I have some. What are you looking for?

Ion cannon with phasecast anoit
Frozen heart shield with phasegrasp anoit
Trevonator cryo with good anoit
Cryo redistributor with good anoit
Good ice breaker vic rush
Cryo hex with bonus cryo on ase
Recursion x2 with good anoit
Brainstormer with good anoit for general or amara
Cutsmen corrosive with good anoit or goodcamata anoit

I have some of those, but not with anoit that you are looking for :pensive:

Got a hellwalker phasecast. With good roll if intrested.

I have a godroll one. Got any annointed craps or other god roll class mods for flak?

I have some class moded for fl4k. Any specific you looking for? I got st4kbot, cosmic, bounty hunter etc. What rolls u looking for?

Any other Amara stuff?
Or a multivitamin shield?
Kybs with 160% splash out of iron bear?
Elemental projector vic rush?
Last stand otto idol with grenade dam, mag size and AOE?

Photo of.the Hellwalker?

With good rolls

Ok add us and I’ll swing the class mod for the hellwalker next time im on

What was your PSN again? haha?
Dont want to send it to the wrong person

Hehe i added you earlier, iam on your friendslist i think.

My id is : magnemental

Yeah was just trying to figure out who was who that had added me haha cheers