LF R4kk p4kk mod Weapon Damage jakobs wep dmg jakobs crit dmg

LF R4kk p4kk mod Weapon damage jakobs weapon damage jakob crit dmg
i have alot of amara stuff, and alot of gamma burst, and alot of diffrent transformers, red suits++ and grenades incl its piss with 50% to shock its piss 25% some 100% rakk attack items

I have a 100% Rakk Conference Call if interested.

I have most of what you are looking for.

Do you have any Front Loader shields with the new anointments?

A 250% Corosive Infinity or the Damned?

A Cryo Infinity or the Damned with Bonus STNTL cryo Damage?

Any anointed Amazing Grace pistols with general Damage anointments? Or Flak anointments?

Do you have a red suit with rad dam 50% annoit?

nope sorry only have with CD and terror anoints

I think I have this mod with these perks if you’re still looking