LF Rack Attack anointed gear

LF Good Rack Attack Anointed gear. Maggie, Lyudas, Hellwalker, any good weapons would work really. If anyone could dupe or would like to trade I have many 100,125,250, and 300 anoints that I could trade. PSN is OrbitOnyx

I have a 100% Rakk Dictator.

Got any Recurring Hex with 50% corrosive ase?
Or a projectile recursion with 100% ase or 100% dmg after rakk hit.

What would you want for the hellwalker and Lucians call

I already have a dictator, and unfortunately I DONT have the things you’re looking for

Rakk dictator X6?

I’ve got a 100% after rakk hit nighthawkin I can check what else I have that fits. Would you be Interested in a brainstormer with 125 to bosses and such?

If its a elemental dictator ase 100% dam x6 I would trade for it.