LF rack pack class MOD psn: Burj13

I would prefer no points in head count but im not picky! Let me know what you would like in return. PS: Dont ask for any of the Maliwan takedown drop guns I dont own any of them

Did you happen to get a good one of these? I really need the Maliwan class mods as well.

PSN: soybean 27 ill give you one. Its probably not great but sounds like better than the one you have

That would be awesome! Ill send you a request tonight or tomorrow depending when I get home. Thanks!

Ill send it along when i get home along with an em-p5

Do you want anything in return?

They only thing im looking to get is redistributors. Theyre a pain in the ass so no troubles. Need a maggie or lyuda? Ill just send them. I farm lots so not a biggie

Oh man thats generous thanks. If you have an ASE 100% damage or 50% cryo while drone is out maggie id like that or just a decent magazine fire lyuda. Unfortunately Ive also been farming redistributors for hours but no luck. If i get any ill send them your way. I also have a corrosive 300% phaseslam cutsman ifyou want it

The maggies sorry no annoints. Not sure about the lyudas. Ill do what i can. No need to send anything. If you do find a redistributor in fire or corrosive i have a god roll jacobs rakk pak id be willing to part with. Playing seein dead zane so ase dont really do anything for me. Thanks for offer

No worries ill keep an eye out thanks!

I added you!

There you go man enjoy