LF Rad/Cryo Trevonator w Incendiary next 2 mags

Must be these elements and annointment and no double version.

Also looking for x25 pellet Stagecoach(purple) w Zane Cryo annoint.

Looking for Cost Effective Q-System with 1% stacking damage/Zane Cryo.

I have an abundance of non-dlc, general as well as class specific annointed items available to trade so just put forth items you seek and I likely have it.

Thanks fellow Vault hunters!!

You want two separate Q-system guns right? I mean you can’t have one weapon with two different anoint on it. Its either sntnl cryo or the 1% stacking. You let me know if you want the cryo and I can help you but I don’t think I have the stacking one.

Yeah looking for 2 seperate ones. The Cryo for Zane and consecutive hits for Moze.

The Q-system I have for Moze is 75% bonus incendiary while auto bear is active