(LF) rad dictator and rad gamma burst items, (H) cloning ghost call, cupture deathless, etc

Hi ! I’m looking for a rad dictator and rad items with the gamma burst anointment.

I have a lot of things to trade :
-Cupture deathless
-Cloning ghost call
-Life steal white elephant
-redundant facepuncher with phaseslam anointment
-Brawl Ward with phaseslem anointment
-A lot of crossroads with different anointments
-Bloodletter with +5 desperate mesure, grenadde and gun damage
-Phazerker com with gun damage, smg damage and hyperion crits
-Tediore shotgun with MIRV and splash anointment

Ask me what you want :slight_smile:

ID : PatriqueDumatin

Got this if you like the Devastators

I have these. Let me know if you are interested.

  • Infinity (anointed, +65% bonus radiation during Gamma Burst)
  • Magnificent (fire/shock, anointed, +65% bonus radiation during Gamma Burst)