Lf rad flipper w 200% splash anoint, rad consecutive light show

Lf rad flipper w 200% splash anoint, rad consecutive light show. Have plenty to trade in return just ask :grin:

I got you Kirk,since you are already on my friends list ,I’m sending you the light show and I’ll see if I have the filpper

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Legendary man! Appreciate it. You after anything atm?

i have a rad/corrosive flipper with 200 ASE splash.
do you have:
contained blast X2 fire with 50/150 rad
skullmasher with 50/150 rad or 100 sentinel
sandhawk fire or corrsive with 50/150 rad
unforgiven with 50/150 rad as high crit as possible
bloodletters with 2 TRL and 3 DM with damage passives
bear trooper with heavy stainless steel bear investment and damage passives
rocketeer with heavy torgue cross promotion and/or fire in the skag den and damage passives

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Yea that one would be perfect actually! Pretty sure I have one of the sandhawks, and I have some good moze mods so add me on psn: kirkvisa. And I’ll message you with pictures of what I got when I get home. Probably won’t be for 5 or 6 hours though if that’s all good?

were already friends on psn actually. i might not be on at the time youll be on due to my work schedule but on saturday i can send/trade you the flipper if youre okay with that.

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Yup that sounds good. I’ll just send you what I have out of your list anyways when I jump on later if that’s cool with you

I also know I have the unforgiven with that anoint and 432% crit so can definitely send that one

that works. ill send you the flipper when i have free time today. i got it during the event so i built up a few flippers and this one is extra

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Alright sounds good to me! Thanks (: