LF Rad old god with ase 50% rad dam along with meta red fangs

I have a bullet buffet stop gap with on action skill use stats that apply on shield break ,fill. Along with much more.

I would like that too

Have any khaosonx2 or redundant reflux in 50/150?

I have a redundant reflux X14 50/150

what you after halinglis?

M10 items kaoson X2 shock with sntl cryo, Kaoson X2 rad 50/150, boomsickle rad 50/150, sandhawk rad 50/150, monarch X8 elements with sntl cryo.

I see, haven’t farmed kaoson or sand hawk yet so…sorry =/

what kinds of stuff do you have?

quite a few lobs 50/150, slot of gamma burst active guns, couple 50/150 grease traps, alot of fl4k mods, cutpurse knife drain flesh melter artifacts in various victory rush deathless etc.

alot of random 50/150, 200asa guns for when they revamp mayhem and the current gun issues

Are the grease traps M10

yea, everything m10

Ok your best grease trap 50/150 are there elements?

grease trap always fire, it’s extremely powerful when paired with a friend using the alternate firing mode.I’m also looking for a turtle turtle electric front loader 50% any dmg ase if anyone has

send me a FR psn halinglis and i’ll take your grease trap 50/150 for the reflux

I need a copy of the shield too from original post

Hey mattgamer87, does your kaoson X2 shock sntl 100 have a scope? Would you take a backburner 50/150 for it (if its scoped) or something else?

I realize it’s not what your asking for but I have a cryo with 50% rad damage

This is the stuff I’m looking for. And yes it has a scope

Looking for a ST4KBOT class mod with SMG and Weapon damage. Snowdrift Otto Idol or Victory Rush artifacts with Assault Rifle Damage and Magazine Size. Also looking for a Stop-Gap shield with Capacity, Health, Adaptive, or Fortify/Power Charge shield effects and Shield Break or Fill Anointment or Old God with 20% rad dmg with sntl movement speed. Rad Soulrender with ASA or Corrosive Boom Sickle with ASA with a far scope zoom

I’ll keep an eye out, the closest I have to that gear is Snowdrift Otto Idol 20 SMG, 33 cryo eff, 50 mag. Sorry can’t help on this one.