LF Radiated Shredifier w/ X2 multiplier (Lots of Items to Offer)

I’m willing to trade anything:

-Moze Bloodletters and Blastmasters
-Rowan’s Call (Fire, Shock, Radiation)
-Butcher (All elements)
-Lyuda (All elements)
-Kings and Queens call (All Elements except Corrosive)
-Fire, Radiated & Normal Flakker
-Hex: Shock (Recurring), Cryo(Recurring), Radiated(Mitosis)
-Rain Firestorm
-Lasersploders (all elements, all Double Penetrating)
-Crossroads (all elements) & Nighthawkins
-Radiated Hive and Jericho
-Deathless (Elemental projector, Snowdrift & Ice Breaker)
-Too many other guns to list…just ask

I have


if interested I would like to see your crossroads or lasersploders

name is Young_Griff

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I sent a request…I have all elements of crossroads and lasersploders. The radiated Crossroads is anointed (Action Skill End: Deal 125% weapon damage to badasses and named enemies)

that sounds like a good trade