LF Radiation and Shock Hex (mirvtacular, mirv, or recurring), and Radiation Flakker

Hi all, looking for a lvl50 radiation and electric hex (recurring, mirv, or mirvtacular) and a radiation flakker (annointed or not, don’t really care)

I have a bunch of items to trade, some annointed, a couple leg classmods for amara and zane, have firestorm and stormfront, rowans call, lucian’s call, a bunch of other guns, annointed transformer. Post or msg me if you are looking for something (or several somethings) and i’ll be happy to send your way.

xbox gt: deh2k7

I have all of these, Will double check when i get home form work today.


Do you any phazerker mods for amara with +5 to anima or lucians in fire/corrosive with anoitment to add bonus elemental damage on ASE? I have reccurring hex shock and rad and an itchy flakker

i definitely have a fire lucians, but don’t think it’s annointed. i will have to check if i have a phasezerker mod, not sure which ones i have.

Sure thing just let me know