Lf Radiation/Elec/Fire Redistributors lvl53 with SNTL anoint

Mostly radiation. Got some stuff today I’m willing to trade against these weapons.

  • Supergiant 0.m shield with bonus cryo dmg on ASE
  • Transformer with fire dmg on ASE
  • Re-Charger with elec dmg on ASE


  • Storm Front with radiation dmg on ASE
  • Epincenter +25% dmg on grenade thrown

Cryo Tanksman’s Shield with +75% fire dmg while auto bear is active
Wedding Invitation Digiclone/SNTL/Gamma Burst/Iron Bear 125% fire dmg
Monocle +100% Rakk Attack
Lyuda Gamma Burst

Cryo and Corrosive Redistributor with SNTL anointment
Polyaimorous Gamma Burst/SNTL anointment
Fire/Cryo Kyb’s Worth Iron Bear +160% splash dmg


Maggie with SNTL anointment
Moonfire (also got one in Gamma Burst anoint)

Launcher: Ruby’s Wrath Gamma Burst

Assault Rifle:

Elec Rowan’s Call (3.3 zoom) with bonus cryo dmg next 2 mags on ASE
Alchemist SNTL
Ogre x2 with SNTL

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If you’re looking for radiation sntnl, I’ll swap you for your cryo?

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That would be neat ! Sending you the cryo one in 5 mins !

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If you want anything else on the list let me know and i’ll mail it

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The kybs would be sweet?


Sure thing pal

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I need that corro one.

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What’s your psn?

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I need all 5 SMG’s at level 53.

I have a few things so far at 53 to trade for them:

Tramsformer - SNTNL gives 15% movement speed
Crusader Re-Charger - ASE 50% Corrosive
Hoader Rectifier - Barrier instantly recharges shield
Featherweight Big Boom Blaster - ASE 50% Corrosive
Adrenaline Rough Rider - ASE 20% cooldown
Roid Rough Rider - ASE 50% Radiation
Hypercharged Re-charger - Barrier instantly starts recharging shield
Improved Re-router - SNTNL gives 15% movement speed
Re-Router - ASE 50% Shock damage

I have gotten quite a few victory rushes at 53. Best are probably these:

Atom Balm - 44% FFYL time, Regen +193 Health/Sec, 29% Radiation
Cutpurse - 18% shock damage, 18% corrosive damage, 29% melt chance
Elemental projector - 36% area-of-affect damage, 44% FFYL time, 18% cryo damage
Elemental Projector - 18% shock damage, 31% fire resistance, Regen health +193 sec
Flesh Melter - 18% shotgun damage, -32% shield delay, 18% corrosive damage
Ice Breaker - 44% FFYL time, regen +193 health/sec, 18% fire damage
Knife Drain - 28% melee damage, 18% rad damage, 29% irradiate chance
Last Stand - 18% rad damage, 44% mag size
Snowdrift victory rush - 31% grenade damage, 44% mag size, 18% shock damage
Snowdrift victory rush - 31% grenade damage, 15% reload speed, 7% exp from combat

Maggie - ASE 50% rad damage
x2 ION CANNON - SNTNL 100% Cryo
Potent Creamer - SNTNL 100% Cryo

It’s Piss - ASE 50% fire, rad, shock, corrosive damage
Storm Front - ASE 50% fire damage
Acid Burn - 25% damage on grenade throw
Fastball - 25% damage on grenade throw

Hey what’s up? I didn’t get any redistributer yet. I’m new and now I’m trying to get one over a forum. Could you help me out please? I need a good anointed one for Amara or Moze to kick ass finally. I think electricity would be good but you know better which element redistributer is the better Allrounder. Thank you