LF radiation fish slap M10 with granade thrown. as /gun/granade dmg

let me know what u need. ty

I have one but I mean you’d want a better anoint since it does nothing on Fish Slap.

sure. like what?

ASE elemental would mostly be best .

on grenade thrown as weapon grenade dmg maybe better. anyways i’m ok for all now ).
do you need anything?

Well its dependent on the character but ye. I’m good though thanks

srdrlkn my psn also i can add you if you can share.ty

Still LF guys

Are you still looking for it?

yess add me pls

I misread your post then, my bad. I thought you said you were good so I thought you found it.

nope u said that lol. )

It says I can’t send friend request because of settings. Try adding me, Knuffle_Twem