LF Radiation Plaguebearer, back burner and Sand Hawk

Hi all, i am looking for these items with
50/150 Anointment

  • Radiation Plaguebearer
  • Back burner
  • Sand Hawk(Auto)
    Also any other valuable items.
    Here is my items that i can trade


Class mod

If you are interested in, plz message me
Psn) crazy-bee006

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Psn nat_zero_six i got plaguebearer and redis. Give me backburner and anarchy in return.

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Sure great! Can you give me friend request? And if you dont mind lets trade tomorrow…?

Sent fr. If you can accept it i can send the items to you now.

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Oopps i only have cryo, corrosive, fire and shock plaguebearer in uRad.

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I have accepted your fr. What anarchy do you want? I will.send you now too

Hey buddy, interested in your back burner 300/90.
I don’t have what you want at the moment.
I do have other 50/150 and a lot of other gears to offer.
Possible we can have a trade?
PSN kenet888
Gearbox kenet_550111

Below 50 health 150 rad damage

Grease tap
Dastardly Maggie
Shocking AAA
The Flood
Kaoson x2 cryo fire Cor shock rad
Redistributor rad cryo fire shock Cor about 1.75k no scope
Soulrender 4.8k 10 crit full auto rad
Soulrender 4.9k full auto cor
Soulrender 4.7k/4.3k full auto cryo
DP Laser-sploder shock
Monarch x4 Cor fire cryo
Monarch x8 Cor rad cryo shock fire
Warlord cor
Boom Sickle fire
Razrex Sickle
Rowan call fire
Anarchy x9 Cor
Conference call
Reflux x7
Reflux x14
Tigg Booms x9 fire Cor cryo shock
The Lob cryo
Flama Diddle x10
Insider x5 cryo/Cor
Tidal Wave 8 mag
Sand Hawk at least 9k rad fire shk cor cryo


I have the following that you wanted on your list…
*Backburner Rad 50/150
*Redistributor Rad 50/150

I’m interested in your…
*Kyb’s Worth x3 50/150
*Plaguebearer Fire 50/150

I may have other things on my list that you may want as well. My post is on the forum.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

Hey i want your refulx 50/150!

Plz send me a fr with message (back burner)

Great! Can you plz give me a fr with message( back burner and redistributor)?

FR sent sometime ago. Thanks.

Sorry i just finished my work i will be on soon!!!

No rush. Once FR accepted, I will email you. Thanks.

Sorry for the delay i will be on ps4 soon mate

No worries.

Sent you both x7 & x14 Reflux.
Please send me Back Burner 300/90
You sent me Plaguebearer which is wrong one. Thanks.

Received with thanks.