LF Radiation Recurring Hex

If you have a radiation recurring hex you’re looking to trade - post what you want for a trade. I have a bunch of legendary gear(mods/artifacts included) to trade. They’ll probably just sit in my mules forever anyway!

Drift/Grenadier Victory Rush with Grenade dmg, Jakob crit %, aoe dmg
Moze mod: Blaster, with similar stats as above. Must have 1 point redistribution.
Unforgiven Pistol. More than 430% crit dmg
Annointed Rad Recuring Hex
[Am flexible, if you dont have anything like this, shoot me some pics of your best rolls]

I think I have a moze mod that matches your description. Let me check out what I have

GT: The d3adpupp3t

I just checked my gear. The closest thing I have to what you want is a Snowdrift Victory Rush with 17% Heavy Damage, 27% Electrocute Chance, 33% aoe damage. Also have a knife drain victory rush which might be good for a melee character

Got any Anointed Crossroads or Butchers?

I have an annointed butcher: no element, on action skill end next 2 mags will do 50% additional shock damage. Does 578 * 3 damage

It’s still a upgrade on my non-elemental Butcher. I’ll send a Rad Recurring Hex your way as soon as I can get on. I’m currently stuck at work, so feel free to do the same whenever you get a chance.

GT: Thang Hung

Is you gamertag the same as screen name here?

No it’s not - let me think a little bit more about that trade. Understand if you end up trading it to someone else