LF Radiation Redistributer - SNTNL 50% cryo damage & other SNTNL gear

I’m looking for any of the following. Let me know what you want in return.

Radiation Redistributer - 50% cryo damage with SNTNL active

Lyuda (not fire/shock) - 125% damage to bosses with at least 18 mag size

Dictator ×6 any elament - consecutive hits or 50% cryo damage with SNTNL active

Fire Ion Cannon x2 - 125% splash damage or 120% splash damage (Moze)

Transformer - while SNTNL is active movement speed is increased by 15%

Rico shield - ase 50% shock or corrosive bonus damage

Seein Dead class mod - +2 playing dirty and needs weapon damage

Last stand artifact - (needs +mag size) grenade dmg, aoe dmg, weapon dmg, splash dmg, splash radius

Blast master class mod - +1 redistribution - (needs splash dmg and grenade dmg) weapon dmg, aoe dmg, splash dmg radius, mag size

Well, I have a corrosive lyuda and a seein’ dead that fit the bill. What do you have available for trade?

Alot of the new weapons with good anoints, god roll class mods and Sntnl gear. It’ll be alot easier if you told me what your after and I’ll see if I have it.

Hey bro i have the splash ion cannon youre lookin for.

Nice! I’ll be on tomorrow night and we’ll do business :joy:

I have some more class mods , and anointed Rico for you and laggy as well

The top items on my god-roll wishlist would be a last stand loaded dice with health regen/assault rifle dmg/incendiary dmg, a bloodletter with health regen/weapon dmg/and crit dmg or vladof crit dmg, or a good roll on a phasezerker class mod. Obviously those are super specific though so I’m open to negotiation :slight_smile:

do any of you hav a Radiation Redistributer - 50% cryo damage with SNTNL active?

I will have to check exactly what I have later but I have a lot of god roll class mods and artifacts you might want. GT: EU Edgey
I don’t need the seein dead class mod anymore.

Right on. Give ‘em a look and I’ll have the Lyuda waiting for ya. EDIT I overlooked something in your original post. My lyuda only has a magazine of 12. Sorry about that.