LF Radiation Redistributor, annointed red suit and annointed rad hex

Want to get my radiation Zane better pepped for M4, so looking for a powerhouse redistributor with radiation, preferably with sntnl +cryo annoint though I’d be OK with any even not annointed to play with for now.

Also looking to upgrade my red suit, looking for an annointed one to suit a clone/drone build Zane, no ASE because I go for 100% skill uptime, and no amp on shield (they’re low capacity enough without chewing a chunk out to shoot).

Lastly, a radiation hex with on throw 25 would be awesome.

I’m too lazy to do the spreadsheets some do, but I got a bunch of good stuff for trade, like ASE 50 transformers, ASE 100 Maggie and lucky 7, annointed Brainstormers, Spiritual driver COM and more, so let me know what you’re after and we’ll see what we can do. If you got other good annointed radiation gear for Zane I’d be happy to hear about it also.

I now have the redistributior, still chasing the shield and grenade. Sntnl speed annoint would be awesome if anyone has, or something on throw with the grenade.

Bump up, still after that shield and grenade. With the farming event anyone after a spiritual driver from Atomic and Sylestro may drop the shield (one drops spiritual driver other drops red shield) I can swap a driver for it or a bunch of other stuff I got, or if you’re farming bullies for hex and get that combo let me know.

I’ll will be doing a bunch of farming for the next two weeks bud, so i will keep you in mind if i get one to drop

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Thanks man appreciate it.

would you mind trading me that redistributer? I’m sure i have something that you might be looking for. i just can’t seem to get one to drop for me. thanks

Mods please don’t lock this I’m not the one talking about duping and I still need these items lol.

Still chasing these, if anyone finds I have heaps of decent gear to trade for either.

I think we have traded before… im pretty sure I have a rad rec hex with shock and possibly the same with 25 on throw. Im about to start work so I’ll check after. Msg me a reminder GT whatevercb. Xbox

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Awesome man thanks, rad with throw I’d ideal. We’ve def traded a few times, my GT is Stray2615, appreciate you looking. I’m in Australia so I’ll message tomorrow morning might be better your time, thanks :slight_smile:

I Def have one of the 2. If I have both I’ll try and mail them in about 9hours.

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Legend thanks. As always if you’re hunting anything just let me know too.

Lol, this is quite specific but here goes! A bank rolled predatory lending , no element, 21%crit damage with 100% damage on a.s.e. :grinning::grin::joy:. I’ve farmed 12 so far! Just can’t get that one!

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I’m just loading the game now, I’ll have a look.

Nope sorry but I screenshot so I’ll keep my eye out. Doesn’t cash infused always mean shock tho? Everything I have with that prefix is shock element.

It’s the unique drop from lavender Crawley in the droughts. The smg is called bank rolled predatory lending no matter what flavour. It shoots money instead of bullets.

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Ohhhh that was the first legendary I ever got lol. Whenever I’m in the area I’ll give him a quick kill, surely it will drop eventually lol.