LF radiation redistributor sntl bonus cryo anointment

I have random anointments. Too many to list everything so I’ll just name a few.

Transformer movement speed with sntl

Recurring radiation hex with bonus radiation

Big boom blaster bonus radiation

Big boom blaster apply terror

Stop gap movement speed wth sntl

Cryo Lucian call with ase dmg

Cryo Lucian with bonus radiation dmg

I have one…

Looking for a SNTNL Anoint Shock Craps and SNTNL anoint Corrosive Hedgehog.

I don’t have that version of craps at the moment and I haven’t collected any hedgehogs. Thanks anyway.

whats PSN i will send over the Redistributor

Cool. Thanks. If I come across something you need I’ll send it your way. PSN is Phantomshift. Keep me updated on any new things you’re looking for.