LF radiation Redistributor (Sntnl 50% Cryo damage)

i got this for trade:
Cutsman corrosive Anotnted (ASE 125%)
Bekah Anointed (Sntnl 50% Cryo Damage)
Dictator radiation (Sntnl 50% Cryo Damage)
Lucian’s Call Frie Anointed (swapping places 130% WD)
Redundont Brainstormer Anointed (swapping 130% Damage)
Redundont Face-puncher Anointed (ASE 100% Melee Damage)
Kill-o-wisp Anointed (100% WD)
some Tediore Homeing Mirv’s
and alot more just ask

Hey man I don’t have what your looking for but is there anything else you would consider taking on trade for your bekah, I do have Bekah with 125 to bosses on ase and it’s piss grenades (25 dmg on throw and corrosive on ase) I also have pretty good rolled seein dead class mod and electric banjo

its piss grenade (25 on throw)
what rolls are the seein dead?

3 in donnybrook 2 in playing dirty, 18% weapon crit, 25 weapon damage 25% Hyperion reload speed I have another with 2 donnybrook 3 violent violence with 45% Hyperion crit dmg, 31% smg dmg and 15% Dahl reload

ill treade for the its piss grenade (25 on throw)

GT is Alexander Oxholm

Nice man, interested in anything else for the 125 cutsman you have listed

well my current Redistributor is not great so any upgrede there would be good or just stuf whit (Sntnl 50% Cryo damage)

If there’s anyway I can get in on the radiation redistributor trade after you guys are finished I have a ton of stuff to trade all really good gear just let me know what your looking for

I’ve got a corrosive redistributer with consecutive hitsannointment as well as corrosive cutsman with while sntl active do cryo

well dvnwtters do you hav the adiation redistributor?

That’s what I’m looking for as well I have all elements but that one

i can use them ^.^ they are bette then what im unisg now

nobody has one

Would you be down to trade the redistributer and the cutsman for your 125 cutsman and the dictator you have listed

I have rad redistributer but it is unnanointed

yes that is good :slight_smile: lets you invit me

K will send invite right away FYI I have no mic so we will have to communicate through here if that’s cool

jep cool, i dont hav one for me xbox :slight_smile:

Alright you want the rad redistributer (unnanointed) as well