LF radiation Zheitsev's Eruption

I got it in all the other elements so I want a radiation one for my collection. Got lots for trade just tell me what you’re looking for. BOOM Sickles, Skullsmasher, 21xStagecoach etc.

I got a lvl57 radiation eruption but it is without any anoint. Still interested?

Sure! I just want it to complete my collection so the anointment doesn’t matter. Do you want something in exchange? Got some rare drops like BOOM Sickles, Skullmashers etc if you’re interested

Boom sickle can be good if there is some Iron bear anointment on it and NOT a corrosive one( I already have that)
Or if you have Butcher in any element with +125 incendiary damage or 160 splash that would be also awesome

The BOOM Sickle I’m using right now is non-elemental and anointed for Iron Bear. It’s the 33% faster reload and 67% stability anointment for the next 3 magazines which is pretty good on the non-elemental version as it seems to have more recoil than the elemental versions.

You can have it if you want.

The other BOOM Sickles (all of them are non-elemental) I’ve got have the following anointments:

  • life steal after action skill
  • +25% fire rate while sliding
  • +75% status effect chance after action skill

As for the Butcher I don’t collect them because of their rather low base damage. Interesting shotguns I’ve got are:

  • The Garcia (x16 version)
  • Anarchy (x20 version)
  • Sledge’s Shotgun (+30% damage airborne)
  • Triple-Penetrating Bangstick (fire and anointed for Iron Bear)
  • Stagecoach (x21 version)
  • Shocker (anointed for Iron Bear. +125% fire damage for the next 2 magazines)

The Garcia has any anointment for Iron Bear? If not, then I would go for the Shocker, I like the anointment on it.
Anyway I surprised that my lvl53 Butcher with +125 fire just melts everything on M4 thats why I try to find one on lvl57 and maybe corrosive or rad element but I have no luck at tha Slaugthershaft yet

The Garcia has no anointment unfortunately. Seems to rarely drop anointed generally. The only anointed one I’ve got is the +40% damage while sliding (x12 version, though).

My gamertag is: Powerbencher

Let’s meet on the Sanctuary when you have time?

Cool then I would take the Shocker. My Gamertag is: OMatthew77
I will give it to you in the morning (like 8 hours later), but I will send it to your in-game mail system first and wrote here when it is sent already. :slight_smile: After that, feel free to send the Shocker whenever you have time.

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I’ve sent it :slight_smile:

I just sent the Shocker :grin: thank you for completing my collection! I really appreciate it

Thanks! Let me know if you search for anything else, and we can make more trade😁