LF Raging Bear +3Stoke +2Dead w cooldown

PS4. Hmu, I’ll trade an annointed left testicle.

I thought I was the only one looking for one of those. Everyone else was telling me +3 SSB is better… Wish I had 1 myself, if I had 2 I’d give you one haha

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Yes! Fire fire fire! Haha.

I at least want to test it. StE is multiplicative damage and +60% incendiary ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

Maybe worth even dropping Iron Bank/Some for the Road or even another point out of Vampyre to get down to Incendiary Railguns.

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Yeah I was thinking that Stokes multiplicitive would be nice then, @Mahtyo got me thinking about Deadlines over SSB. After some consideration I’m gonna go for that set-up.

Not like it matters with the vast variety of card text in this game, I’ll be lucky to ever see it lol much less one with +cooldown and +Incendiary damage.

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This is the only MOD that I found. Trying to come up with a build for it.

Can you run that with the new anointment that drops grenades and do Rain Firestorm with elemental projector so your bear is just on fire but dealing increased fire damage and stacks raging bear damage? Though if only they make seeing easier when elemental effects are applied to IB.

This issue is only when moze herself has dots applied and gets into iron bear. When iron bear is on fire or whatever it’s not that bad


You might be right since I’ve been using Firestorm to light myself on fire a lot. Neverr realized that

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Yeah it started happening I think in an October update. You can’t see anything until the dots are off Moze.

It’s like no developer has played Moze. Cause it’s been insanely annoying and if they did, I imagine we’d see a fix by now.

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It seriously pisses me off when I get in IB and i’m completely 100% blinded by green particles. Like, wtf? How did that get through testing?

I feel like gbx should hire the moze players on this forum for testing purposes

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Honestly wouldn’t even need to, just come visit the forum.

But I’m also not totally sure if it’s a bug or if it was implemented on purpose as a sort of “iron bear wasn’t intended to disable dots” train of thought.

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I feel Blast Master was better in both IB and as Moze than that +3 Raging Bear. Killed as Moze way faster.

You probably do. But people like to have fun with different builds. Being able to stay in IB for a long period of time mowing down enemies is more appealing to some than spending half that time in IB and the rest on foot.

There will always be one “best” com and build. Doesn’t mean people have to play them.

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Ever have any luck on finding this one Hurdy?

What platform are you in anyways? I’m o. PS4, if you wanna get together and play sometime.


Woh that’s a pretty beautiful class mod there!

I’m still looking for one with +3 Stoke! I mean just getting this one com feels like a life quest now.

If GBX is gonna have so many variables in this game they need a way to let players twerk them. Like maybe Tanis could alter Class mods. Marcus could change a weapon part and Earl could add/change annointed.

You can have if on Xbox. I don’t use.

Thanks brother but too bad I’m PlayStation.

Wtb Crossplat!