LF Raging Bear com with Action Skill Cooldown

Won’t drop from Billy, what a surprise! Will be on later today for trades so post an item for me to check. Around 4 est. If you have a spare my GT- yipikiya. Thanks VH!

Been farming Billy for Warlords today and got several Raging Bears, but none w/cooldown. What other kind of stats are you looking for on it?

At this point it doesn’t matter. Been on him for 3 days and nothing.

Wow, bad luck. Any chance you’ve got any good Zane gear you’d be willing to part with - SNTNL Cryo Maggie, Night Hawkin, maybe a Redistributor?

What level?

53 preferably but I’d take 52 I guess.

Sorry no 53. Hadnt had a chance to farm that level yet.

Will you be using barrier with sntnl?

I actually have a 53 night hawkin with when barrier is active accuracy is increased by 60% and critical hit dmg is increased by 70%. You can have it if you think you might need it.

Don’t play barrier builds actually. Had an extra Raging Bear so I just sent it over. Hope it helps.

Man thank you! Please shoot me a message if you come up on anything you might be hunting you haven’t mentioned.

I do have some digi clone level 53 stuff. Let me know.