LF Raging Bear or SNTL bonus cryo gear

I’ve got:

a Maggie w/ extra charge of Rakk

a Laser Sploder with 100% damage ASE

I’m looking for a decent Raging Bear com, or some SNTL cryo gear (which refuses to drop for me - except for that Woodblocker, we’re not talking about THAT :roll_eyes: :smile:). I’d love a SNTL Maggie but I’m open to other options.

The night Hawkin full auto or burst?

I’ve never fired it… I’ll get back to you tomorrow with that info.

It’s burst.

Sent the Hawkin’ and got your gear - thanks!

You still looking for a Raging Bear? I have an extra one.

That would be fantastic! Billy refused to drop one for me…

My gt is xRoss357x

If there’s something you’re looking for let me know!

You listed a laser-sploder 100 ASE above. By any chance is it shock?

Absolutely! It yours. What’s your gt, if you haven’t sent me the com yet. I’ll have it if you did.

The ‘Sploder is cryo if that matters. Just picked up a 100% ASE Hawkin’ today if you’d like that instead.