Lf rain firestorm &lucians call

Have lots to trade, let me know what your are looking for

Which Lucians Call? Got Fire, Ice and Corrosive i think. Rain Firestorm too

Got both
Got any anointed:
Launchers / recurring hex?

Any Lucians, can’t get one to drop been farming for 4 days! I have a few anointed but not many. 3 characters full of legendaries so if you’re looking for something I might have.

I don’t have any anointed launchers :confused: anything particular you’re looking for?

U still search anything?

Just Lucians call!:slight_smile:

Which version

Fire/Cryo if possible

Have both. Add me Tonestar44. Will send them via Mail


Send u later the Lucians. Just came home

Sent! Enjoy!

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