Lf Rain Firestorm (PC)

Looking to trade for Rain Firestorm or better. Have all sorts of Legendaries anointed and character specific. Just tell me what you’re looking for and I see if we can make a trade happen.

Hi, I have one Rain firestorm
I’m looking for a Redundant Face Puncher (anointed for 300% phaseslam) or a 200% phaseslam brawler ward

Update I just got one to drop and as in that particular weapon. I dont have that amongst my wares.

I’m looking for these:

  • Queens call Radiation * (Anointement siren: +300% Weapon damage after phaseslam)

  • The bullet vaccuum recharger (Anointement siren)

  • Cutsman ( Fire element) + (Anointement if possible)

  • you could also offer any weapon with the 300% weapon damage after phaseslam and see if i need it