LF Rak Flak Gear to start (Rakk Attack (+100%) Weapons)


trying to get into Maliwan asap because the end of the event gets near.

If somebody happen to have good gear for Rak Flak he would like to share it would be appreciated. I will add my class mods for trade later.


Rakk Attack (+100%) Weapons

  • Maggie
  • Redistributor (Cryo ideally)
  • Brainstormer


  • Transformer with ASE


  • Recurring Hex Cryo with ASE
  • It’s Piss with ASE


  • Deathless (ideally with Cryo or Rad)
  • good Victory Rush or Otto Idol

Good class mods

Or anything else that would help :wink:

PSN: Kryshnakk

Ill be on in about 2 hours. If you still havent got anything, I’ll be able to drop all that for you :slightly_smiling_face:
Add me XSESSIVE13 and just swing me a message that you’re looking for the flak gear

Thank you for your quick reply.

I’ve added you. I won’t be online again until 10h+.

Ok. Ill send what I can before I get the mail limit

I think i have cutsman w rakk attack if u want.

Sent you four guns, a grenade, a shield and an artifact. Will send class mod and another grenade when my mail limit is good again

yes this would be great

Add me syn_theeo

Send you the com and a handful of artifacts.
Hope the build helps you in becoming viable in m4

I got everything and love it. Thank you so much.