Lf rake pack class mod

Don’t really care about any specifics on it. If you have an extra, I have bunch other other class mods and legendaries. Just ask and I will tell you if I have it.

Hey man I have the rakk pak would you happen to have any cutsmans annointed with while sntl active do cryo dmg or while gamma burst active to rad dmg.

I don’t have any cutsman with those annoiteds, but I do have

Lead sprinkler with gamma burst
Ion cannon with gamma burst
Ruby’s wrath snlt cryo damage

How about any good rolled red fang class mods

Unfornately no red fang class mods

Actually I have one I missed.
31 shotgun damage
21 maliwan reload
54 weapon charge speed

I’ll take that one for the rakk pak gt is Ye olde wolf I won’t be on for a bit though

Ok I will send you the class mod. I’m in no hurry for it, just please send it when you get a chance. My gt jasondragonfire

Class mod should be sent to you.


Thanks bud

No problem , if you could just try and send it sometime today.

Also auto correct messed up my gamer tag.

It’s jasondragonfire

:+1: it will be today for sure

Just sent

I got it. Thanks again