LF Rakk 100% Cryo/Incendiary Redistributor

Also looking for Recharger with rad/corrosive ASE.

Please let me know what you need.

I have a Cryo Redistributor with that anointment and a Recharger with Rad ASE.

Do you have a One-Shotter Shield with elemental ASEs?

I actually do.
Please add me: Arthicrex

Do you need anything else, btw?

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Hmm, if you have any x18 Bangsticks, x2 Quickies/Hedgehogs or x8/9 Carbuncles with 125% Splash ASE I’m in the market for them. But its alright if ya don’t, I’m cool with the One-Shotter Shield.

What’s your Epic ID? Mine is vanaria32. Will add you tonight.

I sent a request. My Epic ID is Arthicrex.

Sent ya the stuff. Enjoy!

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I sent you the shield and the Bangstick.

I also sent you a Hellshock. Maybe you should evaluate it for the TG list. It’s quite powerful.

Thank you!! Really enjoying the Hellshock as well. Its very powerful.