LF rakk anointed gear please help

I’m in Dyer need of rakk anointed gear especially 1s with 100% extra damage on rakk hit

do you either have a transformer ASE bonus corrosive/cryo damage or a homing mirv shock tediore shotgun?

No I dont sorry is thier anything else you need

This is probably a *ick move but I do @glennholdijk. Because I feel bad if you trade me any guns with the annointment I’ll “you know what” them for the OP

Dont get it

He has what the other guy wants so if the other guy trades him the weps for the shields he will share with you.

Ok thanks lol

all right, sure inv or mail me psn: glenn_holdijk
have multiple rak anointed gear willing to trade

Are they the 100% damage 1s when rakk hits them

short time doesnt mean 1s (1 second?) tho got quite some of it wich might be usefull,
also got extra charge

Sent you a request mate do tou want me to invite you in game

i was actually replying to gtaariq

do you happen to have the rough rider shield ASE bonus elemental dmg,
or a shield/grenade with ammo regen on terror?

Oh sorry lol I have rough rider shields no annoit tho

meh not needed, say what weapons are you looking for specificly?

A maggie with 100% more damage after rakk hits them

yea annointed maggie’s are rare, wel at least i havent gotten one yet

What do you have lol with that anoit on

raisen’s thorns.

Dont suppose you would like to donate the cutsman and the dictator and if I find your gear I will send it to you