LF: Rakk Attack 100% Damage Weapons!

Currently Looking for the Dastardly Maggie, Craders EM-P5, and any Redistributor!! Must have the 100% Rakk damage Anoint. Tons of gear to trade, let me know what your after.

I have a couple SNTL distributors do you have any splash or dmg anointed Kybs Worth’s?

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I have a Shock/Fire Kybs w/ ASE 15% Life Steal and a Corr/ Fire Kybs with ASE 100% Melee

Ahh sorry mate, looking for specific annoints- trying to run a M4 build.

I also misread your thread, didn’t see the Rakk annoint part

No worries, Cheers!

Have that stuff.

I am looking for a Last Stand Loaded Dice with hp regen and mag size

A power syphon Transfusion Tracker in Corrosive with grenade thrown annointment

A 250% Phasecast Corrosive Infinity

I have a Crader’s with with the 100% rakk anoint. Do you have any 25% OGT Recurring hexes or a Kybs Worth with 160% splash/100% rakk anoint?

Check it out, i think you will find some items that you want.
psn: diabolick90
Let me know what you need and i will tell you what i am searching for.

Sorry mate, I have all three but with the wrong anoints!

I got the maggie. Add us and I’ll send it