LF Rakk Attack anointed gear

I am getting a little bored of running my fade away setup and want to try a Rakk Attack build. Need one that has +Rakk Attack preferably the pistol, would like to have ARs with 50% damage after rakk attack and maybe a pistol or sniper with the 25% crit annointment only want 20% cooldown on the shield.

Guns I would prefer

Different luciens calls (incendiary is priority)
Kings/Queens call
One-pump chump
Gatling Gatlin
Star Helix

Preferred Shields

Red Suit
Messy Breakup (really only like this in shock)
and Backham (prefer the others this is last resort)

Things I can trade

Cryo anointed recurring hex
shock recurring hex
infiltrator mod
phasezerker mod
bloodletter mod
llyuda in shock (lvl 49) fire radiation and normal(lvl 50s)
Kings call shock and fire
all elements of luciens call
ice crossroads
Infinity in shock, normal, caustic, and radiation
Loot expanding loaded dice
a number of fearless
Destructo spinner rad/caustic with splash damage 125% on skill end
and others just ask I’ll see if I have it

I have a rakk attack Dasterdly Maggie anointed, but it is for Beast i am sure you see that.

I am looking for help on my Zane Speed/DPS build, need artifacts, Class mods

Also looking for a high damage Lyuda and King or Queen Call

Xbox - xCaliburxxx

I have the class mod for the build, the infiltrator, with +13% fire rate +10% torgue damage and +20% shock resist

What’s the annointment on the maggie?

I have a kings call anointed for a rakk atk on my fl4k for trade. You still interested in that?

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it is 50% more dam with rakk attack for short time

I have a Gatling gatlin, infinity, Kings call lucians in cryo

Interested in fire lyuda And recurring hex
GT: AzurePhoenixTL

GT: AzurePhoenixTL

What annointments do they have?

Very what would you be after?

It’s a deal are you on?

Fire lyuda or recurring hex for the wagon wheel

Do the others you mentioned have annointments?

Fire lyuda or reaccuring hex

I am on AzurePhoenixTL invite to trade or mail is fine

Let me know if you get the reaccuring or fire lyudas so I don’t trade for one for no reason. Lol

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Are you on? I still have the recurring

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I am, yes.

I can give you llyuda if you are on

It’s not finding that gamertag, you could try inviting me Burn1ngZ0mb1eZ

Invite sent