LF: Rakk Attack Weapons and more

Hey guys,
I‘m looking for specific guns and items to complete my rakk attack build, those are listed below. I got quite a few items to trade for, just tell me what you are looking for :slight_smile:


  • Double-Penetrating Laser Sploder (shock)

  • Molten The Dictator (fire) (100% dmg against enemies damaged by rakk attack, 100% dmg after action skill or 25% crit after action skill)

  • Re-Charger, Stop-Gap or Back Ham (1 extra charge of Rack attack)

  • Last Stand Otto Idol (preferrably MagSize but doesn‘t have to)

PSN: Mentalist9501

Got a fire double pen rak laserslpoder,rack back ham. All I need is a shotgun/gun damage and crit damage Legendary Deadeye. I’m pretty sure I’ve got other rak weapons too. Also a legendary rak mod or two. Lmk.