LF rakk Maggie/Dictator/Kybs Worth/Nighthawkin and 100 dmg ase brainstormer

The Maggie and brainstormer are my most desired let me know what u want/what character u main and I may have something that works for u.

I have the Night Hawkin with next 2 mags +50% incendiary damage on ASE as well as both the Maggie and Brainstormer with 100% weapon damage on ASE.

I mostly main Moze and Amara, so currently looking for the fire and cryo Everblasts 120% splash, shock/corrosive Recursion x2 100% ASE, Potent Quickie 120% splash, Last Ditch Entrenched Bloodletter with health regen, etc.

Hmm I have that night hawkin and I could have the blood letter let me check also have a cryo lyuda annoited for the gunner think it gives bonus crit and fire rate, have a shock Rowan’s with ase dmg, think I have a bitch with 300 slam also and a couple cool grenades, like a quasar with bonus gun dmg fire rate and grenade dmg on grenade thrown and a storm front with return on action skill start

My recursion has annoit for bonus dmg on each kill stacks for 25s

Thanks for checking. What about a shock cutsman with 50% elemental damage, transformer with 75% increased shields and health, antifreeze mod for Zane, or any bloodletter with a combination of splash, weapon, grenade, area of effect and magazine size?

I have a lots of 100% ase gear add me on psn: calebismybro.

I have that recursion add me.

Great! Will add you soon.

Got the Maggie and brainstormer i am looking for a good rolled friend bot with Jakob’s Krit, pistol, weapon dmg … some sort like that -)

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