LF RAKK PAK class mod

I have a crapton of things to trade so ask your price lol

Bumpin’ for some love.
I got some good stuff recently;
+5 Vampyr Moze Mod
a few Tankman’s Shields (new sniper) anointed for Zane
a few deathgrip shotguns (new shotty)

Daily bump.

Just to entice anyone more, I’ll trade multiple items for the mod. Anything to avoid doing that Trial run again (I got 1 to drop after like 20+ runs).

Daily Bumperoo.

are you talking about the Rakk Commander mod, which grants another rakk attack?
cause I do have that one

nah man, talking about the new Fl4k mod called “Rakk Pak” I want it. I need it. lol

I have like a gajillion Rakk commanders. Thanks for the interest though.

do you happen to have the Bounty hunter class mod with buffs in weapon damage and action skill cool down

id be willing to trade Maggie,rowan, or a hex for it. that’s the best I got

I’ll check and get back to you. I have over 120+ Fl4k mods so hopefully I got one with those 2 stats.

Ok still looking
Igot lots of juicy new items!

Yo definitely interested in getting one of these. What kind of stuff are you looking for in trade?

I do have a rakk pakk mod.

Would you be interested in a trade? I’ve been farming forever but can’t get one off the rink of cunning

GT Fetznig

remind me via psn message, i will give you a jakobs roll rakk pack

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Sure, no problem

I don’t really have anything to trade but would appreciate any Rakk Palm classmod, thanks!

Anyone willing to dup a rAkk pak class mod been grinding for ever and not getting ■■■■

Psn: h3roicpsycho

Looking for Rakk Pak CM
PSN: RAMDrive72

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Did ypu ever get a rakk pakk, if so i am looking to. Tired of grinding proving grounds