LF Rakk Pak Class Mods( specific )

Has anyone seen one with Assault/ Shotgun/Pistol and /or Jacobs, Torque additional damage? I have this:

I have one I believe that is

Weapon Damage
Jacobs Weapon Critical Damage
Jacobs Damage

Or something like that. I’m not able to check right now.

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If that be the case I would be very grateful for it.

My PSN: Adam jaz

I can send friend request if you’d kindly provide PSN.

jorgeammo is my PSN

Won’t be on for a while. If you have anything anointed for Rakk Attack that will work for me for a trade.

I have one with 25% weapon damage, 13% fire rate, and -19% shield recharge delay. We can exchange so we have both.

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I’m certain I can find one :blush:

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Friend request psn REdrUm0351 I can hook you up with mine too later.

I will be on later this afternoon. Say 2:00 pm US EST

On now if you happen to be

you still got a r4k p4kk class mod for trade? if so what are you looking for?

Still looking for this.

I will be on shortly

I have a r4k p4k class mod with +25% weapon dmg. Still looking?

What are the specific stats if I may ask?

Same specs as redrums up above with weapon dmg fire rate and recharge delay

Gotcha… I’m all set man but ty for the offer. Appreciated.

Looking for the class mod as well please and thank you:) :slight_smile: psn hiddenmist069

If anyone still has this class mod I’d love an opportunity to trade for it. PSN Skev13