LF Rakk Pak Classmod. GOT LOTS TO TRAADE

I’d do quasi-illegal things for one of them good rolls as well.
That said I have a bank full of unimaginable goodies so I have enough to trade for it (hopefully).

Lmk what ya lookin’ for.
I’d prefer no points in Head Count if possible, but I’ll consider any version that seems remotely decent/good.

PSN: ipayurfrenz


So some stuff I have is

  • +5 Blast Master Moze Mod. Other Moze mods like Bloodletters with Health Regen and such.
  • MIRV Homing TEDIORE Shotties
  • Cutpurse Artifacts
  • Face-Puncher with Terror on Melee
  • Spiritual Driver mods for Amara
  • New weapons (Deathgrip, Juliet’s Dazzle, Kyb’s Worth, Tankman’s Shield, Moonfire Pistol)
  • A medley of Fl4k items. Name it and I probably have it (except a good Rakk Pak mod :frowning: )
  • A large array of Artifacts with decent perks. Ask for a specific one and I’ll look.
  • Lucian’s Calls, Shreddifiers, Fasiors etc.
  • Lots more

Do you have a shock terror projectile anointed shredifier?

Yes, yes I do.

I’ve got a R4kk P4k here for you if you want to trade for it?

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What are the stats on it if you don’t mind? Got only one or multiple?

Only one atm has damage reduction, health regen and something else can’t quite remember

Got a few new moze mods aswell

sounds good to me.
PSN ipayurfrenz

Friend request sent